How do we tell " THE STORY OF YOU " ?

STORY is defined as :
           " an account of past events in someone's life or in the evolution of something "

LOVE is defined as :
            " to feel affection or experience desire "

Over the years we have developed a few techniques that have enabled us to gather all of the elements to tell Your Story. We ask questions, we listen to You, we engage with You, we listen to You, we develop a level of Trust with You through conversation and listening. Notice how we listen more than we talk. My father always said " You can learn more by listening than by talking ". You tell us Your Story, what's most important to You by what You say and don't say. You actually write Your own Story and don't realize it ... It's pretty cool. While providing us with insights into your life. This blueprint is what we use to create " Your Visual work of Art ". Now we take all of these elements of Your Story and from Your experiences and memories, we create " Your Visual Story through Film " with all the sights, sounds and emotions that come along.