PASSION is defined as :
                " a strong liking or desire or devotion to some activity or concept "
                 " an intense desire or excitement for something "

When I was growing up I always looked up to my father, he was my friend, my paster ( yes I'm a Preacher's Kid ).. lol O' let me get back to my Story.
When I was growing up I always looked up to my father, he was my friend, my paster and my hero. He taught me to always be passionate about everything you do and always do your BEST. My father was the family photographer... lol ( you know how that went ). Whenever there was a family event, he had his camera or his video camera. He was even filming way back before I was even born. As I got older I began shooting photography for 12 years and then onto Visual Storytelling through Film for the past 12 years. My Passion comes from him saying, " ALWAYS DO YOUR BEST AND GIVE IT YOUR ALL, NO MATTER WHAT YOU DO ". Even on his death bed in 2012. I remember it like it was yesterday, it was a Saturday. I had a wedding that day and I didn't want to leave him. He told me " Go your couple is expecting and counting on you, I'll be fine ". I went and did my best, even though I was very sad and tired from being at the hospital for so long. I gave my all and best effort and no one ever knew. RESPECT, LOVE & PASSION. This is why I am so Passionate about creating the Best " Wedding Day Love Films " that I can.
We bring our Passion for the Stories we Love to tell - the Story of two people in Love. Families will be coming from near and far to celebrate the journey of this Amazing Day. It's not all about the Wedding Day it's about their Passion for each other and their Story of Love that led us all to their Wedding Day.
After 12 years of Visual Storytelling we have even more Passion for Storytelling. We understand that each couple is unique and their Love Story as well. By this same standard each couple receives the same attention to detail and our Passion for perfection.



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