Why do you only show a starting price for your collections?

Though years of experience we have found that the couples that are just price shopping

are not, our best fit. We are a small business so we do understand budgets.

We are driven by telling the stories of the couples that are excited about

getting married and teir wedding day. The couples that want to relive the most

important day of their life thru film. The couples that want the best quality film.

 The more we know about you and your

fiance, the more personalized your wedding film will be. This is what we call

” Fact Finding “, this is done by a short face to face meeting or a short phone call. At

that point if we agree that we are a great fit for each other we would then be more than happy

to go over all of our services and prices.

How quickly do you book up? When do I need to book?

We have had couples book us 1 1/2 years in advantage and other times 2 weeks before

their wedding. We tell people that once you know you’re getting married (that part

should be pretty obvious) – don’t beat around the bush to start interviewing the companies

for the parts of your wedding that are most important to you. We also suggest that once

you meet with us and we all determine that it could be a great fit, don’t wait. Nothing, is

worse than deciding to book us and call back 2 weeks later to find that your date is not longer

available.  We book on FIRST COME FIRST SERVICE.  If you are not sure everything that

you may want, then go ahead put down you retainer and look in your date. We can discuss

all of the services that you want later.

Do you book a lot of weddings each year?

We don’t want you to look at us as just a price or number and we don’t look at you as that either.

We only work with a select number of couples per year. This ensures that each couple has a more

personal and customized experience and unique wedding film.

Do you pick the music for the film or do we pick it?

Great question. We go through a rigorous process to understand our clients likes and dislikes.

First things first: we WILL NOT use music if we cannot attain the proper licensing. We believe

each wedding film is unique and we attempt to keep our musical choices fresh while considering

each couple’s style. If there’s a song you love that MUST be in the film, we’re happy to take a listen.

We’ll incorporate it as long as we don’t foresee an interference with the editing process and the

finished story. Also,you are able to workout a license agreement with the particular artist,

that’s something we’ll consider as well.

Will you travel to capture our special day?

Absolutely! While we are based in Nashville, TN. 

We have traveled throughout North America for assignments. We have a love for adventure,

up-to-date passports, and are happy to journey to wherever your love story will take us!

I have a photographer. Why do I need a wedding cinematographer?

Here’s the best answer I can give. Imagine you have a choice to view your grandparents’

wedding photo album or their wedding video with motion, voices, toasts, laughter, etc. You

can only choose one – Which would it be? Photography is a very important and traditional part

of every wedding day and captures images of memorable moments. Investing in wedding

cinematography services lets you relive not only the memories, but also how the day felt. From the

nervousness in your voice while exchanging your wedding vows to the motion of your first dance,

the tenderness of the dances between you and your parents, the applause from your guests as you

enter your reception hall, and the funny and emotional words in your Best Man’s and Maid of Honor’s

toasts every time you watch your film. While photos tend to capture snapshots of the big moments, a

Cinematic Wedding Film takes you back to the little moments and nervous breaths that led to those big

moments– and also allows you to see the things you weren’t able to see because the whole day was a

whirlwind of events, family and friends, and emotions.  Now imagine, 5, 10 , 20 years from today, being

able to share your memories including the voices and laughs, with generations to come.

 Remember: Your wedding is a live event, not a single moment.

 Make sure you get it captured right!

Will Chris Wheeler, film our wedding?

Yes; It has become the norm for companies to double book or send out teams to shoot wedings.

At Chris Wheeler Films we NEVER send out teams or double book.  Chris Wheeler  will always be

your exclusive cinematographer along with at least 1 of his assistant cinematographers.

Can we create our own Custom Collection?

All couples & weddings are unique. Our experience has shown that each couple has a unique vision

for their Wedding Day and how they want it captured and preserved. From this experience 

“Customizable Collections” was birthed. You start with our base collection and build your own unique

Collection from there. It’s just that easy.